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Visual Persuasion: The Role of Images in Advertising
Introduction A Theory of Images in Advertising PART ONE: IMAGE AS SIMULATED REALITY Pictures and Reality Visual Form and Style Can Pictures Bridge Cultures? PART TWO: IMAGE AS EVIDENCE Visual Truth,
Visual ""literacy"": Image, Mind, And Reality
* Four Aspects of Visual Literacy * The Interpretation of Still Images * The Interpretation of Film and Television * General Cognitive Consequences of Visual Literacy * Awareness of Artistry and
Visual aspects of media literacy
The representational conventions of visual communications are analyzed and the impact of visual literacy on viewers' cognitive growth and on their development as informed consumers of visual media is examined.
Effects of Online Comments on Smokers' Perception of Antismoking Public Service Announcements
PSAs with positive comments were perceived by smokers as more effective than PSAs with negative (pro smoking) comments and smokers' readiness to quit smoking moderated the effect of comments on PSA evaluation.
Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication
Contents: Paul Messaris/Lee Humphreys: Introduction - Julianne H. Newton: Influences of Digital Imaging on the Concept of Photographic Truth - Paul Messaris: Viewers' Awareness of Digital F/X in
Parents, Children, and Television
This essay, like many others, is concerned with the effects of television on children, but what is different is the consideration of the role of parent within child-medium interaction. Paul Messaris
Interview data from a sample of 336 mothers of elementary school children were used to examine the relationship between family communication style (that is, the degree of concept orientation or