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A historical review of research on the weaver ant Oecophylla in biological control
A historical review shows that political and market forces have also determined the extent to which Oecophylla was incorporated into research and development programmes, and multi-stakeholder strategies for collaborative learning are proposed for a better control of major fruit, nut and timber tree pests in Africa, Asia and Australia. Expand
Innovations in Rural Extension: Case Studies from Bangladesh
Part I: Introduction New road map, P Van Mele Part II: Gender The right to learn: women want more agricultural advice, T Paris, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, S Arifa Nabi,Expand
Zooming-in zooming-out: a novel method to scale up local innovations and sustainable technologies
Based on two case studies from Bangladesh and Benin, the role of video in scaling up sustainable rice technologies is assessed. Both process and outcomes of participatory research increased theExpand
Consumer valuation of improved rice parboiling technologies in Benin
Abstract In Benin, traditional parboiling is still widely practiced among rice processors, resulting in inferior grain quality. A new parboiler was introduced to improve the milling yield andExpand
The importance of ecological and socio-technological literacy in R&D priority setting: the case of a fruit innovation system in Guinea, West Africa
The introduction of farmer participatory approaches over the past decades has to some extent improved the relevance and uptake of research results. While R&D prioritization increasingly involves moreExpand
Farmers' Perceptions and Practices in Use of Dolichoderus thoracicus (Smith) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) for Biological Control of Pests of Sapodilla
Farmer-to-farmer training and mass media campaigns about the beneficial effect of D. thoracicus should be conducted to promote wider use of this ant species as a biological control agent and to reduce pesticide use in sapodilla orchards. Expand
The effect of ground vegetation management on competition between the ants Oecophylla longinoda and Pheidole megacephala and implications for conservation biological control
Boosting agroecological innovations, such as the one described in this paper, could benefit smallholder producers and is recommended in order to improve the efficiency of biological control of tree pests. Expand
Effect of improved parboiling methods on the physical and cooked grain characteristics of rice varieties in Benin
The efficiency of traditional, intermediate and improved parboilers was compared through their effects on certain physical and cooking quality traits. Two varieties (NERICA 4 and Gambiaka) commonlyExpand