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First hominid from the Miocene (Lukeino Formation, Kenya)
Abstract Remains of an early hominid have been recovered from four localities in the Lukeino Formation, Tugen Hills, Kenya, in sediments aged ca 6 Ma. 13 fossils are known, belonging to at least fiveExpand
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Updating of MN Zones
The recent numerous advances in our knowledge about fossil mammals have required a review and revision of the MN zonation (Mein, 1975, 1976).
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Long-period astronomical forcing of mammal turnover
Mammals are among the fastest-radiating groups, being characterized by a mean species lifespan of the order of 2.5 million years (Myr). The basis for this characteristic timescale of origination,Expand
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Revision of Late Miocene and Pliocene Cricetinae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from Spain and France
A large number of populations of Cricetinae from the Late Miocene and the Pliocene of Spain and France is analyzed. After a discussion on the validity of the available genus names, four differentExpand
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Report of the RCMNS working group on fossil mammals
A stacking machine which deposits upon a pallet individual bags of premixed dry concrete, cement, mortar mixtures and other products as the filled bags issue from a processing machine. The stackingExpand
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Continental deposits, magnetostratigraphy and vertebrate paleontology, late Neogene of Eastern Spain
Abstract Eleven sections have been sampled for magnetostratigraphy in the fossil mammal-productive late Neogene basins of eastern Spain. The characteristic direction of magnetization was determinedExpand
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Les Sciuropteres (Mammalia, Rodentia) Neogenes d'Europe occidentale
Resume L'etude des ecureuils volants neogenes d'Europe occidentale montre l'anciennete de leur diversification, aboutit a la creation de trois nuveaux genres et de huit nouvelles especes; certainesExpand
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Revision of the genera Parapodemus, Apodemus, Rhagamys and Rhagapodemus (Rodentia, Mammalia)
Abstract This paper presents a revision of the taxonomy of the genera Apodemus Kaup , 1826 , Parapodemus Schaub , 1938 , Rhagamys Forsyth Major , 1905 and Rhagapodemus Kretzoi , 1956. A newExpand
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Up-to-date Spanish continental Neogene synthesis and paleoclimatic interpretation
A synthesis of the Spanish continental Neogene is presented by designing an integrated correlative chart of the Neo­ "gen-e "succes"Siuns-ofthe "lberian-PeninsuIa-.Expand
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