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Mechanisms of Action and Efficacy of Statins against Influenza
The influenza virus (IV) is known to be a resistant virus with frequent mutations, causing severe respiratory diseases in the upper respiratory system. Public health concerns about clinical efficacyExpand
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Effect of Dietary Combination of Methionine and Fish Oil on Cellular Immunity and Plasma Fatty Acids in Infectious Bursal Disease Challenged Chickens
This study was carried out to investigate the modulatory effects of dietary methionine and fish oil on immune response, plasma fatty acid profile, and blood parameters of infectious bursal diseaseExpand
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In Vitro Antiviral Effect of "Nanosilver" on Influenza Virus
Introduction: Influenza is a viral infectious disease with frequent seasonal epidemics causing world-wide economical and social effects. Due to antigenic shifts and drifts of influenza virus,Expand
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Autophagy: The multi‐purpose bridge in viral infections and host cells
Autophagy signaling pathway is involved in cellular homeostasis, developmental processes, cellular stress responses, and immune pathways. The aim of this review is to summarize the relationshipExpand
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Conjugated anionic PEG-citrate G2 dendrimer with multi-epitopic HIV-1 vaccine candidate enhance the cellular immune responses in mice
Abstract Multi-epitope vaccines might cause immunity against multiple antigenic targets. Four immunodominant epitopes of HIV-1 genome were used to construct a polytope vaccine, formulated byExpand
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Antiviral activity of garlic extract on Influenza virus
Background and Aims: Influenza virus is the most important cause of annual morbidities and mortalities worldwide with numerous antigenic drifts and shifts. Inaccessibility to effective drugs andExpand
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In vitro and in vivo mechanism of immunomodulatory and antiviral activity of Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) against influenza A virus (IAV) infection.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE For centuries, Edible Bird Nest (EBN) has been used in treatment of variety of respiratory diseases such as flu and cough as a Chinese natural medicine. AIM OF THEExpand
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Survivin, a Promising Gene for Targeted Cancer Treatment.
Drawbacks of conventional cancer treatments, with lack of specificity and cytotoxicity using current approaches, underlies the necessity for development of a novel approach, gene-directed cancerExpand
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Attenuation of influenza virus infectivity with herbal-marine compound (HESA-A): an in vitro study in MDCK cells
BackgroundThe influenza virus is still one of the most important respiratory risks affecting humans which require effective treatments. In this case, traditional medications are of interest. HESA-AExpand
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Edible bird’s nest modulate intracellular molecular pathways of influenza A virus infected cells
BackgroundEdible Bird’s Nest (EBN) as a popular traditional Chinese medicine is believed to have health enhancing and antiviral activities against influenza A virus (IAV); however, the molecularExpand
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