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A clinical prototype for active microwave imaging of the breast
Despite its recognized value in detecting and characterizing breast disease, X-ray mammography has important limitations that motivate the quest for alternatives to augment the diagnostic tools thatExpand
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Enhancing breast tumor detection with near-field imaging
This article outlines the main features of active, passive, and hybrid systems under investigation for breast cancer detection. Our main focus is on active microwave systems, in particular microwaveExpand
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Initial clinical experience with microwave breast imaging in women with normal mammography.
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES We have developed a microwave tomography system for experimental breast imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this article, we illustrate a strategy for optimizing the couplingExpand
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Fast 3-D Tomographic Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
Microwave breast imaging (using electromagnetic waves of frequencies around 1 GHz) has mostly remained at the research level for the past decade, gaining little clinical acceptance. Expand
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Clinical Microwave Tomographic Imaging of the Calcaneus: A First-in-Human Case Study of Two Subjects
We have acquired 2-D and 3-D microwave tomographic images of the calcaneus bones of two patients to assess correlation of the microwave properties with X-ray density measures. Expand
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Open-Ended Coaxial Dielectric Probe Effective Penetration Depth Determination
We have performed a series of experiments, which demonstrate the effect of open-ended coaxial diameter on the depth of penetration. We used a two-layer configuration of a liquid and movableExpand
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Electromagnetic breast imaging: results of a pilot study in women with abnormal mammograms.
PURPOSE To prospectively assess quantitatively the inherent contrast of electromagnetic (EM) properties that can be imaged by using available technology in women with abnormal findings atExpand
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Microwaves for breast cancer detection
Microwave imaging for medical applications has been of interest for many years. Microwave images are maps of the electrical property distributions in the body. The electrical properties of variousExpand
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The correlation of in vivo and ex vivo tissue dielectric properties to validate electromagnetic breast imaging: initial clinical experience.
Electromagnetic (EM) breast imaging provides low-cost, safe and potentially a more specific modality for cancer detection than conventional imaging systems. A primary difficulty in validating theseExpand
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Electromagnetic breast imaging: average tissue property values in women with negative clinical findings.
Representative data are provided for three electromagnetic breast imaging techniques-near-infrared spectroscopy, electrical impedance spectroscopy, and microwave imaging spectroscopy-to serve asExpand
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