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The attachment probabilities of marine snow and their implications for particle coagulation in the ocean
Abstract The rate at which suspended particles in the ocean coagulate to form larger, more rapidly sinking aggregates is directly related to the frequency with which the particles stick together onceExpand
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Observation of a Subsurface Oil-Rich Layer in the Open Ocean
A layer of water at a depth of 200 meters containing 3 to 12 milligrams per liter of oil was found during February and March 1978 over a distance of 800 nautical miles in the southwest North AtlanticExpand
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Chemical and Physical Processes in a Dispersing Sewage Sludge Plume
In July 1976, an experiment was conducted to determine the physical and chemical changes occurring during a sewage sludge dump in a thermally stratified water column in the New York Bight with a lineExpand
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Seabirds are adapted to marine communities where prey concentrations are patchy and short-lived. Hydrographic events and physical properties of water masses combine to influence the distribution andExpand
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An international quarterly journal for biologists, BIOLOGICAL OCEANOGRAPHY deals with all ecological aspects of life in the sea. These include primary and secondary production, biogeography, naturalExpand
Steroids as sewage specific indicators in New York Bight sediments
Sediments of the New York Bight were examined for steroidal compounds and found to contain relatively large amounts of coprostanol and 24 3-ethyl coprostanol. These steroids were found to be derivedExpand
NOAA's Coastal Ocean Database and FOCOS Program
The NOAA Center for Ocean Analysis and Prediction (COAP) was recently formed in Monterey to support collection, distribution, and analysis of marine data for application to coastal ocean managementExpand