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Introduction to Arithmetical Functions
1. Multiplicative Functions.- 2. Ramanujan Sums.- 3. Counting Solutions of Congruences.- 4. Generalizations of Dirichlet Convolution.- 5. Dirichlet Series and Generating Functions.- 6. AsymptoticExpand
Nonmarine sequence stratigraphy: Updip expression of sequence boundaries and systems tracts in a high-resolution framework, Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta foreland basin, Canada
Ten allomembers, labeled J-A, have been mapped in the deltaic Dunvegan Formation using 2340 wells and 63 outcrop sections. Each allomember spans about 200 k.y., is bounded by regional transgressiveExpand
Stable isotopic investigation of clay minerals and pedogenesis in an interfluve paleosol from the Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, N.E. British Columbia, Canada
Abstract Mineralogical and stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopic compositions have been obtained for clay minerals comprising an interfluve paleosol (Clayhurst CH 2 ) from the early to middleExpand
Paleofloristic and paleoenvironmental information from a Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) flora of the lower Cantwell Formation near Sable Mountain, Denali National Park, Alaska
Abstract The lower Cantwell Formation in Denali National Park, Alaska, is a Late Cretaceous high-latitude fluvial succession that contains dinosaur and bird footprints, diverse invertebrate traces,Expand
Clay mineralogy in arctic tundra gelisols, northern Alaska.
Little is understood about chemical weathering processes in Alaskan arctic soils, where moisture is generally not limited but acidity varies and the average soil temperature is close to or belowExpand
Recognition of interfluve sequence boundaries: Integrating paleopedology and sequence stratigraphy
In shallow-marine and coastal-plain strata, sequence boundaries are easily recognized at the base of incised valley fills. Between valleys, however, it is more difficult to recognize sequenceExpand
Evolution of an ancient coastal plain: palaeosols, interfluves and alluvial architecture in a sequence stratigraphic framework, Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, NE British Columbia, Canada
To date, discussion of changes in alluvial style and in the character of palaeosols in relation to changes in accommodation and sediment supply on floodplains has primarily been from a conceptualExpand
Floodplain palaeosols of the Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada: Micromorphology, pedogenic processes and palaeoenvironmental implications
Abstract Floodplains represent both sedimentological and pedological entities that record a unique blend of potential environmental indicators in the rock record. Because floodplains develop inExpand