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A food regime genealogy
Food regime analysis emerged to explain the strategic role of agriculture and food in the construction of the world capitalist economy. It identifies stable periods of capital accumulation associatedExpand
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Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective
About the Author Foreword Preface to the Fourth Edition A Timeline of Developmentalism and Globalism Acknowledgments Abbreviations Chapter 1: Development and Globalization: Framing Issues What Is theExpand
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A food regime analysis of the ‘world food crisis’
The food regime concept is a key to unlock not only structured moments and transitions in the history of capitalist food relations, but also the history of capitalism itself. It is not about food perExpand
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Global Development and The Corporate Food Regime
The corporate food regime is presented here as a vector of the project of global development. As such, it expresses not only the social and ecological contradictions of capitalism, but also theExpand
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Food Regimes and Agrarian Questions
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AGRICULTURE AND THE STATE SYSTEM: The rise and decline of national agricultures, 1870 to the present
This paper explores the role of agriculture in the development of the capitalist world economy, and in the trajectory of the state system. At present, when food security and foreign debt commandExpand
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The land grab and corporate food regime restructuring
Land grab appears to be a phenomenal expression of deepening contradictions in the corporate food regime. In particular, the end of cheap food (signaled in the 2008 ‘food crisis’) has generatedExpand
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The power of food
In the developmentalist era,industrialization has simultaneously transformedagriculture and degraded its natural and culturalbase. Food production and consumption embodies thecontradictory aspects ofExpand
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Incorporating Comparison within a World-Historical Perspective: An Alternative Comparative Method
Recent critiques of modernization theory have questioned the comparability of its central organizing concept, the "national society." The logic of comparative inquiry requires independent orExpand
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Value-chain Agriculture and Debt Relations: contradictory outcomes
Abstract In the context of the world food crisis ‘value-chain agriculture’ is emerging as a new frontier of publicly subsidised corporate investment, incorporating smallholding farmers intoExpand
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