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A Statistical Approach for Distinguishing Hybridization and Incomplete Lineage Sorting
The extent and evolutionary significance of hybridization is difficult to evaluate because of the difficulty in distinguishing hybridization from incomplete lineage sorting. Here we present a novelExpand
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Dating of divergences within the Rattus genus phylogeny using whole mitochondrial genomes.
The timing and order of divergences within the genus Rattus have, to date, been quite speculative. In order to address these important issues we sequenced six new whole mitochondrial genomes fromExpand
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Resolving the root of the avian mitogenomic tree by breaking up long branches.
Incomplete taxon sampling has been a major problem in resolving the early divergences in birds. Five new mitochondrial genomes are reported here (brush-turkey, lyrebird, suboscine flycatcher, turkeyExpand
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Combined mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences resolve the interrelations of the major Australasian marsupial radiations.
Australasian marsupials include three major radiations, the insectivorous/carnivorous Dasyuromorphia, the omnivorous bandicoots (Peramelemorphia), and the largely herbivorous diprotodontians.Expand
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Four new avian mitochondrial genomes help get to basic evolutionary questions in the late cretaceous.
Good phylogenetic trees are required to test hypotheses about evolutionary processes. We report four new avian mitochondrial genomes, which together with an improved method of phylogenetic analysisExpand
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Proceedings of the SMBE Tri-National Young Investigators' Workshop 2005. Reconstructing the origins and dispersal of the Polynesian bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria).
The origin of the Polynesian bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria), an important crop species in prehistoric Polynesia, has remained elusive. Most recently, a South American origin has been favored asExpand
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Evolutionary relationships and divergence times among the native rats of Australia
BackgroundThe genus Rattus is highly speciose and has a complex taxonomy that is not fully resolved. As shown previously there are two major groups within the genus, an Asian and an Australo-PapuanExpand
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Four new mitochondrial genomes and the increased stability of evolutionary trees of mammals from improved taxon sampling.
We have sequenced four new mitochondrial genomes to improve the stability of the tree for placental mammals; they are two insectivores (a gymnure, Echinosorex gymnurus and Formosan shrew SoriculusExpand
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Bird evolution: testing the Metaves clade with six new mitochondrial genomes
BackgroundEvolutionary biologists are often misled by convergence of morphology and this has been common in the study of bird evolution. However, the use of molecular data sets have their ownExpand
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