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Systems and Software Verification, Model-Checking Techniques and Tools
The author provides a well written and basic introduction to the new technique model checking, which describes in simple terms the theoretical basis of model checking: transition systems as a formal model of systems, temporal logic asA formal language for behavioral properties, and model-checking algorithms. Expand
Problems Complete for Deterministic Logarithmic Space
Abstract We exhibit several problems complete for deterministic logarithmic space under NC1 (i.e., log depth) reducibility. The list includes breadth-first search and depth-first search of anExpand
Separation of the Monotone NC Hierarchy
A new class of communication complexity search problems is defined, referred to below as DART games, and a tight lower bound for the communication complexity of every member of this class is proved, and lower bounds for the monotone depth of many functions are got. Expand
Systems and Software Verification
ion by state merging consists in viewing some states of an automaton as identical. We also speak of folding, or quotient. We can visualize state merging in a very concrete way: the merged states areExpand
Reversible space equals deterministic space
This paper describes the simulation of an S(n) space-bounded deterministic Turing machine by a reversible Turing machine operating in space S( n) and refutes the conjecture, made by M. Li and P. Vitanyi (1996), that any reversible simulation of a irreversible computation must obey Bennett's reversible pebble game rules. Expand
Nondeterministic NC1 Computation
It is proved that boolean circuits, algebraic circuits, programs over nondeterministic finite automata, and programs over constant integer matrices yield equivalent definitions of the latter three classes, and closure properties are investigated. Expand
The Complexity of Membership Problems for Circuits Over Sets of Natural Numbers
The problem of testing membership in the subset of the natural numbers produced at the output gate of a combinational circuit is shown to capture a wide range of complexity classes, and results extend in nontrivial ways past work by Stockmeyer and Meyer, Wagner, Wagner and Yang. Expand
Reachability in Two-Dimensional Vector Addition Systems with States Is PSPACE-Complete
The reach ability problem for vector addition systems with states with states (VASS) is shown PSPACE-complete in the two-dimensional case, vastly improving on the doubly exponential time bound established in 1986. Expand
Pebbles and Branching Programs for Tree Evaluation
A simple semantic restriction called "thrifty" on <i*k</i>-way branching programs solving tree evaluation problems is introduced, and the same state bound of <i>Θ</i><sup>h</sup>) is tight for all <i’h</i ≥ 2 for deterministic thrifty programs. Expand
The Parallel Complexity of Abelian Permutation Group Problems
It is proved that $NC^4 $ contains the problem of computing the cyclic decomposition of an Abelian permutation group, which is equivalent to determining solvability of a system of linear equations modulo a product of small prime powers. Expand