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EUPHORIA: End-User Construction of Direct Manipulation User Interfaces for Distributed Applications
The design and implementation of EUPHORIA, Playground’s user interface management system, is presented, which allows end-users to create direct manipulation graphical user interfaces exclusively through the use of a graphics editor. Expand
The Long and Winding Road
The Programmers' Playground: I/O Abstraction for User-Configurable Distributed Applications
The Programmers' Playground, a software library and runtime system supporting I/O abstraction, is described, and design goals include the separation of communication from computation, dynamic reconfiguration of the communication structure, and the uniform treatment of discrete and continuous data types. Expand
Yes It Is
Off the ground
Visual specification of interprocess and intraprocess communication
A visual specification language for constructing distributed applications and their direct manipulation graphical user interfaces that provides a general encapsulation/abstraction mechanism and is designed to support dynamic change to the communication structure. Expand
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
She's Leaving Home
Amide linked redox-active naphthoquinones for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction.
It is shown that it is the group on the alkyl side chain and not solely the redox characteristics of the naphthoquinone unit or lipophilicity that determines the extent of cytoprotection by individual compounds. Expand