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Industrial Clusters: Complexes, Agglomeration and/or Social Networks?
The concept of industrial clusters has attracted much attention during the past decade, both as descriptive of an increasingly important phenomenon and as a basis for effective public intervention in
The Case for Regional Development Intervention: Place‐Based Versus Place‐Neutral Approaches
The paper examines the debates regarding place-neutral versus place-based policies for economic development. The analysis is set in the context of how development policy thinking on the part of both
Urban and Regional Economics
This text explains the spatial economic underpinnings of the behaviour of urban and regional economies. This is in order to highlight the differences between the two types of economy. By adopting an
Some Evidence that Women are More Mobile than Men: Gender Differences in U.K. Graduate Migration Behavior
In this paper we employ dichotomous, multinomial and conditional logit models to analyze the employment-migration behavior of some 380,000 U.K. university graduates. By controlling for a range of
Smart Specialization, Regional Growth and Applications to European Union Cohesion Policy
McCann P. and Ortega-Argilés R. Smart specialization, regional growth and applications to European Union Cohesion policy, Regional Studies. The aim of this paper is to achieve two objectives.
Human Capital, Higher Education and Graduate Migration: An Analysis of Scottish and Welsh Students
This paper reports on a model of the sequential migration behaviour of some 76 000 Scottish and Welsh students, from their domicile location to the location of their higher education and on to their
The Economic Performance of European Cities and City Regions: Myths and Realities
The ever-increasing concentration of people and economic growth in the largest cities relative to the rest of the country has slowed down or even reversed in many of the developed European countries
Human Capital, Graduate Migration and Innovation in British Regions
With the aid of a geographical information system, our paper constructs a three stage least squares simultaneous equation model to investigate the interrelationships between the interregional flows
The Continental Divide? Economic Exposure to Brexit in Regions and Countries on Both Sides of The Channel
In this paper we employ an extension of the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) with regional detail for EU countries to study the degree to which EU regions and countries are exposed to negative
In this paper we examine one aspect of agglomeration, namely the geography of human capital. In some contexts, human capital may be very mobile, and understanding local agglomeration processes