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Prevalence of ectoparasites infestation in indigenous free-ranging village chickens in different agroecological zones in Kenya
It is imperative that integrated control strategies need to be put in place to improve chicken productivity and enhance smallholder livelihood in these areas. Expand
Pasteurella multocida in scavenging family chickens and ducks: carrier status, age susceptibility and transmission between species
It is demonstrated that age susceptibility is highest in 12-week-old family chickens and 8-week old family ducks when challenged with a low-virulent strain of P. multocida, and cross-transmission of fowl cholera may happen between family ducks and chickens, and vice versa. Expand
Prevalence of indigestible rumen foreign bodies in sheep and goats at Dagoretti and Kiserian abattoirs, Kenya.
A prevalence of 10.8% foreign bodies in sheep and goats is due to environmental pollution at the origin of the animals that may adversely affect the overall productivity and production of sheep and goat in Kenya. Expand
Prevalence of haemoparasites infection in indigenous chicken in Eastern Province of Kenya
Sabuni, Z A; Mbuthia, P G; Maingi*, N; Nyaga*, P N; Njagi*, L W; Bebora*, L C; Michieka, J N
Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths and management practices for dogs in the Greater Accra region of Ghana
Hookworm, T. canis and D. caninum were the zoonotic gastrointestinal helminths prevalent in dogs in the study area, and lack of housing for dogs creates ideal conditions for infection and spread of theZoonotic parasites. Expand
Risk factors associated with infectious bursal disease vaccination failures in broiler farms in Kenya
Broiler farmers need training on basic farm biosecurity measures and standard vaccine handling practices and vaccines were properly handled in all vaccine outlet shops. Expand
Viral nucleoprotein localization and lesions of Newcastle disease in tissues of indigenous ducks
It is shown that the kidneys and caecal tonsils are the likely predilection sites for the virus in ducks and thus need to be considered as diagnostic indicators for the viral carriage in ducks. Expand
Gumboro Disease Outbreaks Cause High Mortality Rates in Indigenous Chickens in Kenya
Effective control strategies should be developed to target the three chicken flock types in Kenya to establish the importance of infectious bursal disease in the indigenous chickens. Expand
Isolation of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Using Indigenous Chicken Embryos in Kenya
The results show that indigenous chicken embryos support growth of IBDV and can be used to propagate the virus as an alternative viral propagating tool for respective vaccine preparation. Expand