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Production performance of sheep and goat breeds at a farm in a semi-arid region of Namibia
Breed and lambing season interacted to produce effects on the birth weight of offspring although lambingSeason alone did not have a significant effect on Boer goat and Kalahari Red kids’ birth weights. Expand
Applicability of teeth examination as a tool for age estimation in a semi-arid cattle production environment in Namibia
Age estimation through teeth examination was found to be more accurate in dairy than in beef cattle, and under the given conditions of the study and the range of ages and the breeds under study, this tool is reliably applicable for aging cattle in general. Expand
Bovine rumen impaction caused by ingestion of Gonometa postica cocoons in eastern-central Namibia
The authors were of the opinion that the affected animals ingested the cocoons around the time of weaning, which then resulted in tangled masses that gradually stretched and enlarged because of entrapment of ingesta, eventually causing impaction of the rumen in the young adult animals. Expand
Causes, Patterns, and Economic Implications of Carcass Condemnation of Cattle Slaughtered at Oshana Region, North of Namibia Based on Post-Mortem Inspection
Background: Meat inspection is one of the essential tools for ensuring good quality and safe meat. The objective of this study was to evaluate carcass condemnation of cattle slaughtered in OshanaExpand
Chronic lymphoplasmacytic villonodular proliferative synovitis in a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier dog
A case of chronic lymphoplasmacytic villonodular synovitis associated with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease in a 10-year-old spayed Jack Russell Terrier bitch is described, highlighting the importance of checking for CLPVNS in dogs with lameness associated with CCL disease. Expand
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Productivity and Profitability of Lohmann Brown Layers in A Semi-Arid Environment
Overall, age of birds, average temperature, humidity and photoperiod were strongly correlated with mean egg weight, and thus the profitability of the egg-producing enterprise at a farm in central Namibia, designated Farm A. Expand
Causes, dynamics and financial losses associated with red offal condemnation at a beef abattoir in Namibia
There are limited studies on red offal condemnations and their financial implications at high throughput abattoirs in Namibia. Causes of condemnation, temporal distributions and financial lossesExpand