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A Chinese wall security model for decentralized workflow systems
We propose an approach to realize decentralized workflow execution in which the workflow is divided into partitions called self-describing workflows, and handled by a light weight workflow management component, called workflow stub, located at each organizational agent. Expand
XACML Policy Integration Algorithms
XACML is the OASIS standard language specifically aimed at the specification of authorization policies. Expand
A decentralized execution model for inter-organizational workflows
Abstract Workflow Management Systems (WFMS) are often used to support the automated execution of business processes. Expand
A Uniform Indexing Scheme for Geo-spatial Data and Authorizations
High-resolution satellites are promising technologies to bolster global transparency by providing unprecedented access to accurate and timely information. A significant number in this satellite fleetExpand
Towards a Fine-Grained Access Control Model and Mechanisms for Semantic Databases
We present a fine-grained access control model specifically tailored to semantic models. Expand
Service communities: applications and middleware
We introduce the concept of Service Clubs as a structuring mechanism for communities. Expand
XACML policy integration algorithms: not to be confused with XACML policy combination algorithms!
XACML is the OASIS standard language for the specification of authorization and entitlement policies. Expand
Supporting Delegation in Secure Workflow Management Systems
In this paper, we present an approach that supports delegation and assign users to roles in such a way that no constraints are violated. Expand
Process Discovery Using Prior Knowledge
In this paper, we describe a process discovery algorithm that leverages prior knowledge and process execution data to learn a control-flow model. Expand
Solving the Service Composition Puzzle
This paper investigates patterns of service composition from the viewpoint of integration intermediary, which may be human, browser widget, storage, program, workflow engine or event broker. Expand