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Extension of Integrated Pest Management for Planthoppers in Asian Irrigated Rice: Empowering the User
The key factor in sustained implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) in developing countries has been, and still is, motivation. Smith’s (1978) description of the typical “phases” of IPMExpand
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Modification of Small Farmer Practices for Better Pest Management
ions. In practice, this means that immediate problems are stressed at the cost of preventive measures (91). If pest damage does not occur periodically, farmers may lose their credence in the utilityExpand
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Biological control of the walnut aphid in California: Impact of the parasite, Trioxys pallidus
The interrelationship of an Iranian ecotype of Trioxys pallidas (Hal.) (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) and the walnut aphid, Chromaphis juglandicola (Kale), (Homoptera: Callaphididae), was assessed over aExpand
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Implementing IPM: Policy and Institutional Revolution'
IPM technology for tropical irrigaLcd rice in Asia was dC\'cloped almost 20 yr ago, but its extension has only recently made a significant impact. Initially, national extension systems were unable toExpand
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Malaria Control in South America— Response to P.C. Matteson
1. Robert DR, Laughlin LL, Hshieh P, Legters LJ. DDT,global strategies, and a malaria control crisis in SouthAmerica. Emerg Infect Dis 1997:3:295-302. 2. Wirth DF, Cattani J. Winning the war againstExpand
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Egg parasitoids of hemipteran pests of cowpea in Nigeria and Tanzania, with Special reference to Ooencyrtus patriciae Subba Rao (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) attacking Clavigralla tomentosicollis Stål
Egg parasitoids attacking economically important pod-sucking Hemiptera on cowpea were collected in Nigeria and Tanzania. The three coreid hosts, Anoplocnemis curvipes (F.), ClavigrallaExpand
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The effects of intercropping with cereals and minimal permethrin applications on insect pests of cowpea and their natural enemies in Nigeria
Abstract Major insect pests and their natural enemies were sampled on cowpea in monocrop and cereal intercrop plots in southern and northern Nigeria. Populations of flower thrips, MegalurothripsExpand
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Potential Pollen Vectors of Striga hermonthica (Scrophulariaceae) in West Africa
Sir/gtf is a palaeotropical genus of about 25 species of root parasites. Commonly known as witchweed, S/r/ga reaches its greatest diversity in the semi-arid grasslands of Africa where threeExpand
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Working in Developing Country Integrated Pest Management Programs
What kind of work does an overseas integrated pest management (IPM) entomologist do? Many areas of expertise, a wide array of entomological and socioeconomic skills, are in demand for IPM. EverythingExpand
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