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Scratchpad memory: a design alternative for cache on-chip memory in embedded systems
In this paper we address the problem of on-chip memory selection for computationally intensive applications, by proposing scratch pad memory as an alternative to cache. Area and energy for differentExpand
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Algorithms for address assignment in DSP code generation
This paper presents DSP code optimization techniques, which originate from dedicated memory address generation hardware. We define a generic model of DSP address generation units. Based on thisExpand
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Assigning program and data objects to scratchpad for energy reduction
The number of embedded systems is increasing and a remarkable percentage is designed as mobile applications. For the latter, energy consumption is a limiting factor because of today's batteryExpand
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Reducing energy consumption by dynamic copying of instructions onto onchip memory
The number of mobile embedded systems is increasing and all of them are limited in their uptime by their battery capacity. Several hardware changes have been introduced during the last years, but theExpand
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Embedded System Design: Embedded Systems Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems
Until the late 1980s, information processing was associated with large mainframe computers and huge tape drives. During the 1990s, this trend shifted toward information processing with personalExpand
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Overlay techniques for scratchpad memories in low power embedded processors
Energy consumption is one of the important parameters to be optimized during the design of portable embedded systems. Thus, most of the contemporary portable devices feature low-power processorsExpand
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Dynamic overlay of scratchpad memory for energy minimization
The memory subsystem accounts for a significant portion of the aggregate energy budget of contemporary embedded systems. Moreover, there exists a large potential for optimizing the energy consumptionExpand
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Retargetable Code Generation Based on Structural Processor Description
Design automation for embedded systems comprising both hardware and software components demands for code generators integrated into electronic CAD systems. These code generators provide the necessaryExpand
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Cache-aware scratchpad allocation algorithm
In the context of portable embedded systems, reducing energy is one of the prime objectives. Most high-end embedded microprocessors include onchip instruction and data caches, along with a smallExpand
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An Algorithm for Hardware/Software Partitioning Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
One of the key problems in hardware/software codesign is hardware/software partitioning. This paper describes a new approach to hardware/software partitioning using integer programming (IP). TheExpand
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