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Mortality after the death of a spouse: rates and causes of death in a large Finnish cohort.
OBJECTIVES This study examines excess mortality among Finnish persons after the death of a spouse, by sex, the subject's cause of death, duration of bereavement, and age. METHODS The subjects wereExpand
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Pathways between socioeconomic determinants of health
Study objective: Many previous studies on socioeconomic inequalities in health have neglected the causal interdependencies between different socioeconomic indicators. This study examines the pathwaysExpand
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Socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among women and among men: an international study.
OBJECTIVES This study compared differences in total and cause-specific mortality by educational level among women with those among men in 7 countries: the United States, Finland, Norway, Italy, theExpand
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Do risk factors and health behaviours contribute to self-ratings of health?
This study examined the relative importance of five risk factors and health behaviours (namely dietary habits, leisure time exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and body mass index) on self-ratingsExpand
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Predictors of early retirement in British civil servants.
BACKGROUND it is uncertain how recent changes in labour force dynamics may have influenced the increasing numbers of people taking early retirement in industrialized countries. The Whitehall II studyExpand
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Dietary patterns and 15-y risks of major coronary events, diabetes, and mortality.
BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the long-term effect of habitual diet on risks of incident diabetes, coronary heart disease, and mortality. OBJECTIVE We analyzed the prospective relation ofExpand
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Women's employment, marriage, motherhood and mortality: a test of the multiple role and role accumulation hypotheses.
Two contrasting hypotheses on the effects of combining marital, parental and work roles on mortality are analysed in this paper. The 'multiple role' hypothesis suggests that the effects are harmful,Expand
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Excess mortality of unemployed men and women during a period of rapidly increasing unemployment
BACKGROUND Previous studies have found evidence of higher mortality rates among unemployed people than among those in employment, but the effect of changes in national unemployment rates on thisExpand
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Mortality after death of spouse in relation to duration of bereavement in Finland.
STUDY OBJECTIVES: (1) To assess the extent to which death of a spouse causes excess mortality by controlling for the effects of confounding and other sources of bias. Three possible sources of biasExpand
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