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Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA
In this paper, which is of programmatic rather than quantitative nature, we aim to further delineate and sharpen the future potential of the LISA mission in the area of fundamental physics. Given the
Semiclassical energy conditions for quantum vacuum states
A bstractWe present and develop several nonlinear energy conditions suitable for use in the semiclassical regime. In particular, we consider the recently formulated “flux energy condition” (FEC), and
Classical and Semi-classical Energy Conditions
The standard energy conditions of classical general relativity are (mostly) linear in the stress–energy tensor, and have clear physical interpretations in terms of geodesic focussing, but suffer the
The little sibling of the big rip singularity
It is shown that a doomsday \'a la little sibling of the big rip is compatible with an accelerating universe, indeed at present it would mimic perfectly a LCDM scenario and could give us some hints about the status of recently formulated nonlinear energy conditions.
Dark energy accretion onto black holes in a cosmic scenario
In this paper we study the accretion of dark energy onto a black hole in the cases that dark energy is equipped with a positive cosmological constant and when the space-time is described by a
Stability in quadratic torsion theories
We revisit the definition and some of the characteristics of quadratic theories of gravity with torsion. We start from a Lagrangian density quadratic in the curvature and torsion tensors. By assuming
Null Energy Condition violations in bimetric gravity
A bstractWe consider the effective stress-energy tensors for the foreground and background sectors in ghost-free bimetric gravity. By considering the symmetries of the theory, we show that the
Thermal radiation from Lorentzian wormholes
In this paper we show that, analogously to how it occurs for black holes, there exist three well-defined laws for Lorentzian wormhole thermodynamics and that these laws are related to a thermal
Gordon and Kerr-Schild ansätze in massive and bimetric gravity
A bstractWe develop the “generalized Gordon ansatz” for the ghost-free versions of both massive and bimetric gravity, an ansatz which is general enough to include almost all spacetimes commonly
Thermal radiation from Lorentzian traversable wormholes
In this contribution we show that lorentzian dynamic wormholes emit thermal phantom-like radiation. Analogously to as it occurs for black holes, the consideration of such radiation process allows the