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Marschner's Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants
Respected and known worldwide in the field for his research in plant nutrition, Dr. Horst Marschner authored two editions of Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants. His research greatly advanced theExpand
Structure and function of the soil microbial community in a long-term fertilizer experiment
Abstract The effect of organic and inorganic fertiliser amendments is often studied shortly after addition of a single dose to the soil but less is known about the long-term effects of amendments. WeExpand
Soil and plant specific effects on bacterial community composition in the rhizosphere
It is concluded that the bacterial community composition in the rhizosphere is affected by a complex interaction between soil type, plant species and root zone location. Expand
Rhizosphere interactions between microorganisms and plants govern iron and phosphorus acquisition along the root axis – model and research methods
Iron and phosphorus availability is low in many soils; hence, microorganisms and plants have evolved mechanisms to acquire these nutrients by altering the chemical conditions that affect theirExpand
Controls on soil nitrogen cycling and microbial community composition across land use and incubation temperature
Abstract We conducted a laboratory incubation of forest (Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) or beech (Fagus sylvatica)), grassland (Trifolium repens/Lolium perenne) and arable (organic and conventional)Expand
Development of specific rhizosphere bacterial communities in relation to plant species, nutrition and soil type
It is concluded that many different factors will contribute to shaping the species composition in the rhizosphere, but that the plant itself exerts a highly selective effect that is at least as great as that of the soil. Expand
Changes in bacterial community structure induced by mycorrhizal colonisation in split-root maize
It is concluded that the effect of mycorrhizal colonisation on the bacterial community structure in the rhizosphere may, at least in part, be plant-mediated. Expand
Isolation of culturable phosphobacteria with both phytate-mineralization and phosphate-solubilization activity from the rhizosphere of plants grown in a volcanic soil
It is revealed that pasture plants (perennial ryegrass and white clover) have predominantly PMB in theirrhizosphere, whereas PSB dominated in the rhizosphere of crops (oat and wheat). Expand
Nutrient availability and management in the rhizosphere: exploiting genotypic differences.
Understanding the role of plant-microbe-soil interactions in governing nutrient availability in the rhizosphere will enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of crop production. Expand
Influence of salinity and water content on soil microorganisms
Abstract Salinization is one of the most serious land degradation problems facing world. Salinity results in poor plant growth and low soil microbial activity due to osmotic stress and toxic ions.Expand