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Fungal Planet description sheets: 625–715
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Antarctica: Cadophora antarctica from soil. Australia: Alfaria dandenongensis on Cyperaceae, AmphosomaExpand
Abrachium , a new genus in the Clathraceae, and Itajahya reassessed
Molecular and morphological analyses have elucidated phylogenetic relationships of two remarkable species in the Phallales: Aseroe floriformis and Phallus roseus. Genes from ATPase subunit 6 (atp6),Expand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 716–784
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Australia, Chaetopsina eucalypti on Eucalyptus leaf litter, Colletotrichum cobbittiense from CordylineExpand
More than one fungus in the pepper pot: Integrative taxonomy unmasks hidden species within Myriostoma coliforme (Geastraceae, Basidiomycota)
Since the nineteenth century, Myriostoma has been regarded as a monotypic genus with a widespread distribution in north temperate and subtropical regions. However, on the basis of morphologicalExpand
Mutinus albotruncatus (Phallales, Agaricomycetes), a new phalloid from the Brazilian semiarid, and a key to the world species
A new species of the genus Mutinus has been found in the semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil. Mutinus albotruncatus is described macro- and microscopically, and is characterized by the whiteExpand
Molecular and morphological analyses confirm Rhizopogon verii as a widely distributed ectomycorrhizal false truffle in Europe, and its presence in South America
The genus Rhizopogon includes species with hypogeous or subepigeus habit, forming ectomycorrhizae with naturally occurring or planted pines (Pinaceae). Species of the genus Rhizopogon can beExpand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 1042–1111
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Antarctica, Cladosporium arenosum from marine sediment sand. Argentina, Kosmimatamyces alatophylusExpand
Activity patterns of the threatened northern tiger cat Leopardus tigrinus and its potential prey in a Brazilian dry tropical forest
Activity patterns of mammals are shaped by abiotic pressures and biotic interactions. Here, we describe the daily activity pattern of the northern tiger cat Leopardus tigrinus in semiarid drylands,Expand
NEOTROPICAL XENARTHRANS: a data set of occurrence of xenarthran species in the Neotropics.
Xenarthrans-anteaters, sloths, and armadillos-have essential functions for ecosystem maintenance, such as insect control and nutrient cycling, playing key roles as ecosystem engineers. Because ofExpand
Two new species of Geastrum (Geastraceae, Basidiomycota) found in Brazil
We have studied molecular and morphological data of Geastrum aculeatum sp. nov. and G. echinulatum sp. nov. These two species were found in Brazil’s semi-arid region and in central Amazon. It isExpand