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Remarks on asymptotic symmetries and the subleading soft photon theorem
A deep connection has been recently established between soft theorems and symmetries at null infinity in gravity and gauge theories, recasting the former as Ward identities of the latter. InExpand
Symplectic and Killing symmetries of AdS3 gravity: holographic vs boundary gravitons
A bstractThe set of solutions to the AdS3 Einstein gravity with Brown-Henneaux boundary conditions is known to be a family of metrics labeled by two arbitrary periodic functions, respectively leftExpand
Note on soft theorems and memories in even dimensions
Abstract Recently, it has been shown that the Weinberg's formula for soft graviton production is essentially a Fourier transformation of the formula for gravitational memory which provides anExpand
Conserved currents in the Cartan formulation of general relativity
We derive the expressions for the local, on-shell closed co-dimension 2 forms in the Cartan formulation of general relativity and explicitly show their equivalence to those of the metric formulation.
BMS supertranslations and not so soft gravitons
A bstractIn a previous article [1], we have argued that Low’s sub-leading soft photon theorem can be recovered as a Ward identity associated to the same large gauge transformations that control theExpand
Note on asymptotic symmetries and soft gluon theorems
Recently, the leading soft gluon theorem with single soft emission was shown to be the Ward identity of a two-dimensional G-Kac-Moody symmetry. In this paper, we show that the leading soft gluonExpand
Three-dimensional asymptotically flat Einstein-Maxwell theory
Three-dimensional Einstein–Maxwell theory with non-trivial asymptotics at null infinity is solved. The symmetry algebra is a Virasoro–Kac–Moody type algebra that extends the bms3 algebra of theExpand
More on gravitational memory
A bstractTwo novel results for the gravitational memory effect are presented in this paper. We first extend the formula for the memory effect to solutions with arbitrary two surface boundaryExpand
Hawking radiation of Dirac particles from the Myers–Perry black hole
In this paper, we apply the quantum anomaly cancelation method and the effective action approach as well as the method of Damour–Ruffini–Sannan to derive Hawking radiation of Dirac particles from theExpand
New electromagnetic memories and soft photon theorems
In this paper, we present a new type of electromagnetic memory. It is a `magnetic' type, or B mode, radiation memory effect. Rather than a residual velocity, we find a position displacement of aExpand