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Slavery and African Life: Occidental, Oriental and African Slave Trades.
List of plates List of figures List of maps Acknowledgements Prologue: tragedy and sacrifice in the history of slavery 1. The political economy of slavery in Africa 2. Why Africans? The rise of theExpand
World-Systems Analysis: Theory and Methodology
The first volume in a new series from SAGE presenting work in the world-systems perspective, a school of social science thought that views the world economy as a single system across time and space.Expand
Migration in world history
This fascinating study traces the connections among regions brought about by the movement of people, diseases, crops, technology and ideas. Drawing on examples from a wide range of geographicalExpand
The Enslavement of Africans: A Demographic Model
RESUMECe modele concerne l'impact, au XVIIle siecle de la traite transatlantique et transsaharienne des esclaves sur la composition et la croissance des pouplaiions africaines. L'Afrique est diviseeExpand
That Your Education May Be Complete: Implementing the Bishops' Curriculum Framework in Continuity with the Christian Teaching Tradition.
While the U.S. Bishops’ Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework provides robust content guidelines for a national high school Religion curriculum, its successful implementation will dependExpand
The French Encounter with Africans: White Responses to Blacks, 1530-1880 (review)
Mweze Ngangura’s Pieces d’identite (Congo/Belgium, 1998), whereas Sheila Petty teases out the relationship landscape and alienation in Clando (Cameroon, 1996) by Jean-Marie Teno. Other essays includeExpand
Slavery, Colonialism and Economic Growth in Dahomey, 1640-1960
Maps Tables Figures Preface 1. Slavery, colonialism and economic growth, 1640-1960 2. The Dahomean economy, 1640-1890 3. Struggles with the gods: economic life in the 1880s 4. Production, 1890-1914Expand