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Influence of beta-endorphin on phytohemagglutinin-induced lymphocyte proliferation and on the expression of mononuclear cell surface antigens in vitro.
Phytohemagglutinin-induced lymphocyte proliferation was significantly inhibited by beta-endorphin, and the influence of beta- endorphin on the expression of mononuclear cell surface antigens using the OKT3, OKT4,OKT8, anti-HLA-DR and anti-beta 2-microglobulin monoclonal antibodies was evaluated. Expand
A multicenter, randomized parallel double-blind study comparing three antibiotics, cephemic-cofosfolactamine, fosfomycin and cephalexin, in the treatment of systemic infections.
Results show that the percentage of recoveries of clinical symptoms and of bacterial eradications were significantly higher, and associated with a lower rate of side effects in the patients treated by cephemic cofosfolactamine than in those treating by cephalexin or fosfomycin. Expand
Post-McCutcheon Super JFCs: A Pathway to Exposure and Disclosure
What can be done in 730 days? The possibilities are seemingly endless— this is America after all. However, to the incumbents and candidates fighting to win votes for a seat in either the chamber ofExpand
Ambulatory Management of Anemia: A Retrospective View from an Italian Multidisciplinary Team
The authors treated and collected data on patients come to their attention in a tertiary care hospital in Genoa (Liguria), an area characterized by elderly population, which often carries more than one comorbidity with the purpose of better define the epidemiology of such a prevalent but underestimated issue. Expand
[Evaluation of various cardiovascular parameters during the intravenous administration of ranitidine].
Ranetidine does not appear to alter the cardiovascular function at the dose the authors used, and none of the studied parameters showed any significant variation at the various time intervals. Expand