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Comparing Media Systems: three models of media and politics
This book proposes a framework for comparative analysis of the relation between the media and the political system. Building on a survey of media institutions in eighteen West European and NorthExpand
Comparing Media Systems
In this chapter we propose a framework for comparing media systems. We propose, specifically, four major dimensions according to which media systems in Western Europe and North America can usefullyExpand
Politics, Media, and Modern Democracy: An International Study of Innovations in Electoral Campaigning and Their Consequences
Tables Series Foreword Politics, Media and Modern Democracy: Introduction by Paolo Mancini and David L. Swanson Campaign Innovations in Established Democracies with Stable Political CulturesExpand
New Frontiers in Political Professionalism
Developments in telecommunications (e.g., television, computers, the Internet) and other technologies, combined with accelerating processes of social change, have fundamentally altered the characterExpand
Media Fragmentation, Party System, and Democracy
This paper discusses the possible consequences of mass media fragmentation over the structure and the functioning of democracy. Media fragmentation and audience segmentation are not new but theyExpand
Comparing Political Communication: Americanization, Globalization, and Secularization: Understanding the Convergence of Media Systems and Political Communication
A powerful trend is clearly underway in the direction of greater similarity in the way the public sphere is structured across the world. In their products, in their professional practices andExpand
The Euro Crisis in the Media
Maxillofacial Fractures in the Province of Pescara, Italy: A Retrospective Study
A retrospective review of patients treated at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of Spirito Santo Hospital from January 2010 to December 2012 confirms the close correlation between the incidence and etiology of facial fractures and the geographical, cultural, and socioeconomic features of a population. Expand
Ten Years After Comparing Media Systems: What Have We Learned?
In this article we review research published since the publication of Comparing Media Systems which seeks to operationalize concepts discussed in that work and to test the framework proposed there orExpand
Instrumentalization of the media vs. political parallelism
I examine the possible differences between the concept of media instrumentalization and political parallelism. In the first part of this paper, I aim to reconstruct the history of the concept ofExpand