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We present a two-period model of remanufacturing in the face of competition. In our model, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) competes with a local remanufacturer (L) under many reverseExpand
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Leadership and Competition in Network Supply Chains
This paper considers network supply chains with price dependent demand by modelling them as large acyclic networks. Such large networks are common in the automobile and apparel industries. We developExpand
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Present position regarding breeding of mango (Mangifera indica L.) in India
SummaryProgress of hybridization work at various centres in India is reviewed. With the improved technique of mango hybridization and the report of self-incompatibility in mango, it will be possibleExpand
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Fertilizer rates for increased pineapple production in the tropical ferrallitic soils of South Western Nigeria
The investigation studied the optimal fertilizer rates and mixtures for maximum production of smooth cayenne pineapples in the tropical ferrallitic soil.Fertilized pineapples were significantly (P =Expand
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Anti-steroidogenic activity of the petroleum ether extract and fraction 5 (fatty acids) of carrot (Daucus carota L.) seeds in mouse ovary.
The petroleum ether extract and fraction 5 (fatty acids) of carrot seeds arrested the normal estrus cycle of adult mouse and reduced the weight of ovaries significantly. The cholesterol and ascorbicExpand
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Investigations on the breeding behaviour of aneuploids of guava
SummaryThe breeding behaviour of aneuploids of guava (Psidium guajava L.) such as trisomic, tetrasomic, and higher aneuploids has been studied. Reciprocal crosses between aneuploids and diploidsExpand
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Inventory Policy Implications of On-Line Customer Purchase Behavior
In this paper we will examine some implications of online data for a classical operations management model, vis. the Economic Order Quantity model. Customer waiting behavior on individual ordersExpand
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