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Exchange interactions and magnetic phases of transition metal oxides: Benchmarking advanced ab initio methods
The magnetic properties of the transition metal monoxides MnO and NiO are investigated at equilibrium and under pressure via several advanced first-principles methods coupled with HeisenbergExpand
Insulator-metal phase diagram of the optimally doped manganites from the disordered Holstein-double exchange model.
It is demonstrated how extrinsic disorder controls the interplay of lattice polaron effects and spin fluctuations and leads to widely varying regimes in transport. Expand
Berry Phase Theory of the Anomalous Hall Effect: Application to Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites
We show that the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) observed in colossal magnetoresistance manganites is a manifestation of Berry phase effects caused by carrier hopping in a nontrivial spin background. WeExpand
Dependence of magnetoresistivity on charge-carrier density in metallic ferromagnets and doped magnetic semiconductors
Magnetoresistance—the field-dependent change in the electrical resistance of a ferromagnetic material—finds applications in technologies such as magnetic recording. Near and above the Curie point, TExpand
Quantum Many Particle Physics
This set of lectures focuses on some problems in itinerant Bose and Fermi systems. The first lecture will be an introduction to many-particle physics. In the second we will discuss phase transitionsExpand
Magnetoresistance in Mn pyrochlore: electrical transport in a low carrier density ferromagnet
We discuss magnetotransport in a low density electron gas coupled to spin fluctuations near and above a ferromagnetic transition. Provided the density is low enough ($n \lesssim 1/\xi^{3}(T)$, withExpand
Distinct effects of homogeneous weak disorder and dilute strong scatterers on phase competition in manganites.
We study the two orbital double-exchange model in two dimensions including antiferromagnetic (AFM) superexchange, Jahn-Teller coupling, and substitutional disorder. At hole doping x = 0.5 we focus onExpand
Singular effect of disorder on electronic transport in strongly coupled electron-phonon systems.
These results, explicitly at "metallic" density, are of direct relevance to disordered EP materials such as covalent semiconductors, the manganites, and to anomalous transport in the A-15 compounds. Expand
Magnetic model for the ordered double perovskites
We construct an effective spin model from the coupled spin-fermion problem appropriate to double perovskites of the form ${A}_{2}B{B}^{\ensuremath{'}}{\text{O}}_{6}$. The magnetic model that emergesExpand