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Preconcentration of traces of gold, silver and palladium on activated carbon and its determination in geological samples by flame AAS after wet ashing.
A simple, rapid and cost effective preconcentration method is described for the determination of traces of gold (Au), silver (Ag) and palladium (Pd) in geological samples by flame atomic absorptionExpand
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Novel fusion method for direct determination of uranium in ilmenite, rutile, columbite, tantalite, and xenotime minerals by laser induced fluorimetry
A simple, rapid, effective and eco-friendly decomposition method is developed for the determination of uranium (U) by laser induced fluorimetry (LIF). The salts of sodium di-hydrogen phosphateExpand
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Regional scale demarcation of alteration zone using ASTER imageries in South Purulia Shear Zone, East India: Implication for mineral exploration in vegetated regions
Abstract Regional scale demarcation of alterations is an important preliminary step in mineral exploration. Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) imageries here haveExpand
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An integrated approach to the complete chemical analysis of magnesium or sodium diuranate (yellow cake) sample
A procedure for the complete chemical analysis of magnesium or sodium diuranate (yellow cake) sample is reported. Uranium is determined gravimetrically after peroxide precipitation. OptimumExpand
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Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Uraninite Samples by ICP-OES After Solid Phase Extraction on Activated Carbon
A simple method for the separation and preconcentration of rare earth elements (REEs) from uraninite samples and their deter- mination by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometryExpand
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Identification and mapping of high-potential iron ore alteration zone across Joda, Odisha using ASTER and EO-1 hyperion data
ABSTRACT Identification and mapping of high-potential Iron Ore indicative alteration zone is important for new prospects. Here we have performed same through ASTER and Hyperion data by consideringExpand
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Improvement in Estimation of Above Ground Biomass of Albizia lebbeck using Fraction Reflectance of Landsat TM Data
The study emphasizes on the ability of spectral mixture analysis (SMA) to improve the estimate of above ground biomass from spectral reflectance of satellite data. Digital number (DN) values ofExpand
ICP-OES Determination of Nb, Ta, Ti, Fe, Mn, W, and Sn in Columbite and Tantalite Minerals After Decomposition and Dissolution With a Novel Flux and Complexing Agent
Niobium and tantalum do not form simple soluble compounds in aqueous solution and are hydrolyzed with the formation of gelatinous precipitates in neutral and acidic solution. As a result, α-hydroxyExpand
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Determination of phosphorous in titanium bearing minerals by potentiometric titration using Pb-ion selective electrode.
A method for phosphorous determination in titanium bearing minerals by potentiometric titration using a Pb-ion selective electrode has been developed. Sample decomposition is achieved by means ofExpand
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