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What is Good Governance
  • P. Madhu
  • Political Science
  • 22 February 2011
The paper discusses the idea of "good governance" that the international agencies prescribed to the third-world countries that applied for financial assistance from them. This paper problematises theExpand
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Polymer matrix-natural fiber composites: An overview
Abstract The study of polymer matrix composites had become an important topic for academic and industrial research. The current thrust for materials which are environmental friendly and biodegradableExpand
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Diagnostic pediatric cardiac catheterization: Experience of a tertiary care pediatric cardiac centre.
BACKGROUND Cardiac catheterization was considered gold standard for confirmation of diagnosis and analyzing various management issues in congenital heart diseases. In spite of development of variousExpand
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A Note on Dissenting Spirituality
The paper argues that While dissent marks the truth moment, consent in all its forms are misrecognitions hence settling of untruth.
Imagining Counter-Dispositif: The Case of Money Through Servitude, Slavery, Abolition and Free Labour
The paper explains how money as a master dispositif had guided history through institutions of servitude, slavery, its abolition and free labour through networks of human relations. The first sectionExpand
Gene Expression Studies in Lignin Synthesis Pathway of Sorghum [Sorghum Bicolor] (L. Moench)
Gene expression play significant role in lignin synthesis pathway in sorghum. Expression level of brown-midrib sorghum was studied in brown midrib sorghum bmr 6 and bmr 12 mutant of Atlas, KansasExpand
Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features of Intracranial Lesions
Introduction: DWI (Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has a wide range of applications in the evaluation of intracranial pathological conditions. Study was done to describe the featuresExpand
A Reflexive Rethinking on Praxis Intervention
In this paper I try to give an updated reflexive account of the Praxis Intervention Research (PIR) with the Adivasis of Attappady, Kerala, India carried out by me about ten years ago. The PIR is anExpand
Clinical Profile of Diabetic Patients with its Chronic Complications: Hospital Based Observational Study
Diabetes mellitus (DM) have various associated metabolic morbidities sharing phenotype of hyperglycemia. Complication that occurs as result of diabetes affects many organ systems and responsible forExpand