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Quantifying the effect of vegetation on near-road air quality using brief campaigns.
Brief campaigns to quantify the effect of trees on the dispersion of airborne particulates using high time resolution measurements along short transects away from roads are described, indicating recirculation, longer residence times and decreased dispersion downwind of trees.
Response of Five Hydrangea Species to Foliar Salt Spray
Abstract Hydrangeas are popular seaside plants; however, other than in anecdotal reports, there are no studies measuring their relative tolerance to salt spray. We examined response of ten cultivars
Engaging Residents in Street Tree Stewardship: Results of a Tree Watering Outreach Intervention
Street trees provide numerous environmental, community, and health benefits, but municipal urban forestry programs often lack the public resources to adequately maintain trees, particularly in the
Clonal propagation of oak hybrids using a modified layering technique.
Results suggest the shoots of the hybrids that are the progeny of rhizomatous shrub Quercus spp.
Screening Oak Hybrids for Tolerance to Alkaline Soils
This study evaluated a diverse range of oak (Quercus) hybrids for tolerance to alkaline soils, which is a common site condition in urban landscapes that often limits the growth and longevity of man...