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The Scene of the Crime of 1873 Revisited: A Note
THE problem of the country's monetary standard and controversies arising from efforts to deal with it appear persistently and recurrently in American history. From the land-bank episodes of the late
Repeal of the Greenback Conversion Clause
AMERICAN MONETARY HISTORY is full of strange happenings and queer events beginning with the resolution of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690 explaining the issue of our first paper money. It referred
The Coinage Legislation of 1834
  • P. M. O'Leary
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 February 1937
HE purpose of this article is to show in detail what were the forces back of the adoption of the ratio of i6: i in the coinage legislation of i834 in the United States. Special attention will be
The student has a problem: whose responsibility.
The Problem of the Large Corporation Twenty‐five Years Later
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS HAVE PASSED since the "problem of the large corporation" confronted the American people in a time of deep economic depression. The writings of W. Z. Ripley, A. A. Berle, P. M.