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Seasonal prevalence of white plague like disease on the endemic Brazilian reef coral Mussismilia braziliensis
The reef coral Mussismilia braziliensis Verril, 1968 is endemic to the eastern Brazilian coast, representing a major reef-building species in the region. This coral is threatened by extinction due toExpand
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New record of a corallivorous gastropod in South Atlantic coral reefs
Corallivory can play a significant controlling role on coralpopulation dynamics. Over 160 species have been reportedto consume scleractinian corals, including 51 species ofinvertebrate corallivoresExpand
The gill-associated symbiont microbiome is a main source of woody-plant polysaccharide hydrolase genes and secondary metabolite gene clusters in Neoteredo reynei, a unique shipworm from south
Teredinidae is a family of highly adapted wood-feeding and wood-boring bivalves, commonly known as shipworms, whose evolution is linked to the acquisition of cellulolytic gammaproteobacterialExpand
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