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[Sources of nutrition and structural regeneration of articular cartilage].
Based on data obtained from comparative anatomic vessel material by methods of modern histology and cytology considerations were made on ways of structural and functional differentiation ofExpand
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  • P. M. Mazhuga
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  • 1965
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[The mononuclear and multinuclear cells of tissue resorption and their functional characteristics].
Mononuclear and multinuclear chondroclasts as well as osteoclasts and their involvement into the processes of replacement of provisional cartilaginous skeleton by definitive bony one wereExpand
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[Proliferative characteristics of the endothelial cells and pericytes from the capillary vessels of rabbit bone marrow].
The high labelling index with the low mitotic activity of pericytes as well as an interdependent change in labelling indexs and labelling intensity in endothelial cells and pericytes for 72 hours ofExpand
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[Changes in the metabolism of chondrocytes after chronic intake of phenol and lead].
White rats and guinea pigs were given phenol (0.2 and 10 mg/kg) or lead acetate (10 mg/kg of the body mass) for 3-6 months. Intensity of biosynthesis was estimated by glycosaminoglycane cells and byExpand
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[Ultrastructure of the ductal epithelium in the human pancreas in chronic pancreatitis].
Three different kinds of cells are distinguished within the epithelium of the pancreas ducts in patients with chronic pancreatitis: main ductal cells among which there are "light" and "dark" formsExpand
Osteogenesis and possibilities of its stimulation.
[The cellular mechanisms of articular cartilage differentiation].
The ways of structural-functional differentiation of chondrocytes and the characteristics of cytoarchitectonics of the articular cartilage were considered. The trophism of cells of the articularExpand