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Vertical Economies: The Case of U.S. Electric Utility Industry, 1983-87*
..., the public utility industries are preeminently characterized in important respects by decreasing unit costs-or increasing returns-with increasing levels of output. That is indeed one importantExpand
Pricing efficiency under rate-of-return regulation: some empirical evidence for the electric utility industry
The authors test quasi-optimal pricing rules for rate-of-return regulation for a sample of electric utilities. They estimate the regulated cost function and demand equations by class of customer forExpand
Rate of Return Regulation and the Regulated Firm's Choice of Capital-Labor Ratio: Further Empirical Evidence on the Averch-Johnson Model
of return regulation, three articles have presented empirical evidence consistent with the comparative static properties of the AverchJohnson model. A paper by Spann [9] develops a procedure toExpand
An Analysis of Pricing and Production Efficiency of Electric Utilities by Mode of Ownership
Assessing the welfare consequences of public versus private ownership in the provision of electricity in the United States requires an analysis of two important aspects of static efficiency; theExpand
The compensation of national union presidents: Moderating effects of union size
Over the last forty years numerous reseachers from the fields of economics, finance, and human resources management have proposed and empirically evaluated a number of models in efforts to identifyExpand