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Temperature and frequency dependence of ultrasonic attenuation in selected tissues.
Abstract Ultrasonic attenuation over the frequency range of 1.5–10 MHz has been measured as a function of temperature for porcine liver, backfat, kidney and spleen as well as for a single specimen ofExpand
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Velocity and attenuation of sound in arterial tissues.
The velocity and attenuation of sound has been determined for freshly excised human and canine arterial tissues using a time delay spectrometer (TDS) technique. Frequency was swept from 0 to 10 MHzExpand
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Medical ultrasound imager based on time delay spectrometry.
A reflection mode proof-of-concept medical ultrasound imager based on time delay spectrometry has been developed and tested. The system uses a broad band swept-frequency signal operating up to 10Expand
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Wideband transducer for tissue characterization.
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Analogue implementation of analytic signal processing for pulse-echo systems.
An alternative to rectification is proposed for detection of an ultrasonic signal. This method is especially useful in medical and non-destructive evaluation (nde) applications. With this method, theExpand
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Measurement of the self‐diffusion constant of aqueous calcium nitrate solutions by an NMR spin–echo technique
The self‐diffusion constant of concentrated aqueous solutions of calcium nitrate has been measured using an NMR spin‐echo technique. Solutions with mole ratios of water to calcium nitrate of 4 (theExpand
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Electrical conductivity and viscosity of supercritical isobutyric acid + water solutions
The electrical conductivity of the isobutyric acid + water critical system has been measured for several concentrations including the critical. Measurements were made using a hybridExpand
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Selectable Radius, Compound Eddy Current Probe Statement of Government Interest.
Abstract : This patent application discloses a compound eddy current probe comprising a nest of concentric ferrite cup core probes. Each ferrite probe within the nest has a different radius which isExpand