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Leclercqia, Haskinsia, and the Role of Leaves in Delineation of Devonian Lycopod Genera
Leclercqia, Protolepidodendron, and Haskinsia are shown to be nearly identical when leaves are absent or incompletely preserved. Hence, leaves are essential to positive identification of the threeExpand
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Early Land Animals in North America: Evidence from Devonian Age Arthropods from Gilboa, New York
A new fossil site near Gilboa, New York, is one of only three where fossils of terrestrial arthropods of Devonian age have been found. The new Gilboan fauna is younger than the other two but richerExpand
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A terrestrial alicorhagiid mite (Acari: Acariformes) from the Devonian of New York
Archaeacarus dubinini n. gen., n. sp., is described and illustrated based on a specimen recovered from the terrestrial fossiliferous mudstone deposits of Devonian age at Gilboa, New York. ObservableExpand
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Our discovery of a ligule on Leclercqia complexa Banks, Bonamo and Grierson 1972 is the earliest occurrence of a ligulate lycopod in the fossil record. The ligule 1) occurs on a homosporous lycopod,Expand
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