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Paleogeographic evolution of the Late Miocene Lake Pannon in Central Europe
Abstract The paleogeographic evolution of Lake Pannon within the Pannonian basin is reconstructed with eight maps, ranging from the Middle Miocene to the Early Pliocene. The maps are based on theExpand
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High-resolution palynological analysis in late early–middle Miocene core from the Pannonian Basin, Hungary: climatic changes, astronomical forcing and eustatic fluctuations in the Central Paratethys
High-resolution palynological analysis in the Karpatian-Sarmatian (late early-middle Miocene) interval of the borehole Tengelic 2 (Hungary) reveals the existence of a forest organized in altitudinalExpand
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Life in the sublittoral zone of long-lived Lake Pannon: paleontological analysis of the Upper Miocene Szák Formation, Hungary
Life and depositional environments in the sublittoral zone of Lake Pannon, a large, brackish Paratethyan lake from the Late Miocene, were reconstructed from fossils and facies of the Szák Formation.Expand
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Jurassic and Cretaceous primitive crabs of the family Prosopidae (Decapoda: Brachyura) - their taxonomy, ecology and biogeography
Jurajskie i kredowe prymitywne kraby z rodziny Prosopidae (Decapoda: Brachyura) - ich taksonomia, ekologia i biogeografia The Prosopidae is an extinct family, consisting mostly of MesozoicExpand
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The endemic molluscs of the Late Miocene Lake Pannon: their origin, evolution, and family‐level taxonomy
Long-lived lakes are often sites of spectacular endemic radiations. During the Oligocene to recent history of the Paratethys, large, long-lived (more than a million years) lakes with endemic faunasExpand
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Mosaic of environments recorded by bryozoan faunas from the Middle Miocene of Hungary
The marine sediments of the Badenian (Middle Miocene) of Hungary (Pannonian Basin, Central Paratethys) are composed of abundant bryozoan skeletal grains. Seventy-one bulk samples collected at 18Expand
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Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Cow's Milk in Uganda
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Iterative changes in Lake Pannon Melanopsis reflect a recurrent theme in gastropod morphological evolution
Abstract Iterative evolutionary changes are of special interest because they imply that the recurring morphological changes had a cause that also repeated itself and might therefore be possible toExpand
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Bryozoan faunas in the Middle Miocene of Hungary: biodiversity and biogeography
A study of the Badenian (Middle Miocene) marine deposits of Hungary yielded a rich bryozoan fauna of 238 species comprising 59 cyclostomes, 176 cheilostomes, and 3 ctenostomes. SixExpand
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Marine carbonate systems in the Sarmatian (Middle Miocene) of the Central Paratethys: the Zsámbék Basin of Hungary
The study of eight stratigraphic sections at the margin of the semi-enclosed Zsa´mbe´k Basin (Hungary) allows the sedimentary anatomy of oolitic–bioclastic systems in the Sarmatian of the CentralExpand
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