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Optical and long wavelength afterglow from gamma-ray bursts
We discuss the evolution of cosmological gamma-ray burst remnants, consisting of the cooling and expanding fireball ejecta together with any swept-up external matter, after the gamma-ray event. WeExpand
Gamma-ray bursts
Gamma-ray bursts are the most luminous explosions in the Universe, and their origin and mechanism are the focus of intense research and debate. More than three decades after their discovery, andExpand
An extremely luminous X-ray outburst at the birth of a supernova
This work reports the serendipitous discovery of a supernova at the time of the explosion, marked by an extremely luminous X-ray outburst, and attributes the outburst to the ‘break-out’ of the supernova shock wave from the progenitor star, and shows that the inferred rate of such events agrees with that of all core-collapse supernovae. Expand
High-energy radiation from magnetized neutron stars
The primary concern is with electromagnetic processes in the magnetospheres of neutron start, as opposed to the physics of their internal structure and evolution. The first six chapters provide aExpand
Unsteady outflow models for cosmological gamma-ray bursts
The 'event' that triggers a gamma-ray burst cannot last for more than a few seconds. This is, however, long compared with the dynamical timescale of a compact stellar-mass object (approximately 10Expand
Relativistic fireballs: energy conversion and time-scales
The expansion energy of a relativistic fireball can be reconverted into radiation when it interacts with an external medium. For expansion with Lorentz factors greater than or approximately equal toExpand
Gamma-Ray Burst Early Optical Afterglows: Implications for the Initial Lorentz Factor and the Central Engine
Early optical afterglows have been observed from GRB 990123, GRB 021004, and GRB 021211, which reveal rich emission features attributed to reverse shocks. It is expected that Swift will discover manyExpand
Theories of Gamma-Ray Bursts
▪ Abstract The gamma ray burst phenomenon is reviewed from a theoretical point of view, with emphasis on the fireball shock scenario of the prompt emission and the longer wavelength afterglow. Rece...
Gamma-Ray Bursts
This Review surveys the interplay between these recent observations and the theoretical models of the prompt GRB emission and the subsequent afterglow and reviews these superluminous events. Expand
Relativistic Fireballs and Their Impact on External Matter: Models for Cosmological Gamma-Ray Bursts
We discuss the production of cosmological gamma-ray bursts intense enough to be detected at cosmological distances. Events such as the coalescence of compact binaries can create sufficient energy onExpand