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Agroecology: A Review from a Global-Change Perspective
This review by a multidisciplinary team maps key components and emerging connections within the intellectual landscape of agroecology. We attempt to extend and preview agroecology as a discipline inExpand
Will geographical indications supply excessive quality
This study investigates the choice of quality by producer organisations (POs) in charge of defining product specifications for geographical indications. The model assumes that the PO chooses theExpand
Exact calibration of programming models of agricultural supply against exogenous supply elasticities
We develop a methodology to exactly calibrate quadratic programming models of agricultural supply against exogenous own-price supply elasticities. We show that calibration is only possible againstExpand
A second look at managing import risk from invasive species
This paper investigates optimal trade-related policies for managing import risk arising from invasive species. We find analytical evidence that when a cleaning technology is available for foreignExpand
Kinked-Demand Equilibria and Weak Duopoly in the Hotelling Model of Horizontal Differentiation
The Hotelling model with finite consumer reservation price is, in its various forms, perhaps the canonical model of horizontal product differentiation. Yet the following key aspects of this model areExpand
Intensive and extensive margin adjustments to water scarcity in France's Cereal Belt
Efficient water management in agriculture is becoming critical due to increasing environmental constraints and global food and bio-energy demands. Farmers may respond to increased water scarcityExpand
A Regional Bio‐Economic Model of Nitrogen Use in Cropping
We develop a programming model of crop production to predict the effects of environmental policies on agriculture and the environment. The model is calibrated against acreages, yields, and exogenousExpand
A Fully Calibrated Generalized Constant‐Elasticity‐Of‐Substitution Programming Model of Agricultural Supply
This article provides a methodology to exactly calibrate land-constrained programming models of agricultural supply against supply elasticities using generalized constant-elasticity-of-substitution,Expand
The impact of climate change on cereal yields: Statistical evidence from France
Climate change is predicted to reduce crop productivity in several world regions. A growing literature has examined climate change impacts on crop yields by statistically estimating the historicalExpand
Theory and Application of Positive Mathematical Programming in Agriculture and the Environment
This review critically looks at the theoretical and empirical foundations of positive mathematical programming and its evolution in the past decade or so. We show how the need to model new empiricalExpand