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Staging dementia using Clinical Dementia Rating Scale Sum of Boxes scores: a Texas Alzheimer's research consortium study.
BACKGROUND The Clinical Dementia Rating Scale Sum of Boxes (CDR-SOB) score is commonly used, although the utility regarding this score in staging dementia severity is not well established. Expand
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BRAF-V600E expression in precursor versus differentiated dendritic cells defines clinically distinct LCH risk groups
The Rockefeller University Press $30.00 J. Exp. Med. 2014 Vol. 211 No. 4 669-683 www.jem.org/cgi/doi/10.1084/jem.20130977 669 Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is characterized by inflammatoryExpand
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Mutually exclusive recurrent somatic mutations in MAP2K1 and BRAF support a central role for ERK activation in LCH pathogenesis.
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a myeloproliferative disorder characterized by lesions composed of pathological CD207(+) dendritic cells with an inflammatory infiltrate. BRAFV600E remains theExpand
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Differences in exposure assignment between conception and delivery: the impact of maternal mobility.
In studies of reproductive outcomes, maternal residence at delivery is often the only information available to characterise environmental exposures during pregnancy. The goal of this investigationExpand
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Comparative Assessment of Air Pollution–Related Health Risks in Houston
Background Airborne emissions from numerous point, area, and mobile sources, along with stagnant meteorologic conditions, contribute to frequent episodes of elevated air pollution in Houston, Texas.Expand
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Childhood Brain Tumor Epidemiology: A Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium Review
Childhood brain tumors are the most common pediatric solid tumor and include several histologic subtypes. Although progress has been made in improving survival rates for some subtypes, understandingExpand
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National population-based estimates for major birth defects, 2010-2014.
BACKGROUND Using the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) annual data report, U.S. national prevalence estimates for major birth defects are developed based on birth cohort 2010-2014. Expand
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Gene-Gene Interactions in the Folate Metabolic Pathway and the Risk of Conotruncal Heart Defects
Conotruncal and related heart defects (CTRD) are common, complex malformations. Although there are few established risk factors, there is evidence that genetic variation in the folate metabolicExpand
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Maternal Exposure to Ambient Levels of Benzene and Neural Tube Defects among Offspring: Texas, 1999–2004
Background Previous studies have reported positive associations between maternal exposure to air pollutants and several adverse birth outcomes. However, there have been no studies assessing theExpand
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Importance of Subtle Amnestic and Nonamnestic Deficits in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Prognosis and Conversion to Dementia
Background/Aims: To evaluate baseline characteristics and conversion to dementia in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) subtypes. Methods: We prospectively evaluated conversion to dementia in 106Expand
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