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The Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on Africa: A Review of the Literature
Recent revisions of estimates for the volume of the trans-Atlantic slave trade suggest that approximately 11,863,000 slaves were exported from Africa during the whole period of the Atlantic slaveExpand
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Kola in the History of West Africa.
P. E. Lovejoy —La kola dans l'histoire de l'Afrique occidentale. Le commerce de la kola, specialement l'espece Cola nitida, a joue un role considerable dans l'histoire economique de l'AfriqueExpand
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Slow Death for Slavery: The Course of Abolition in Northern Nigeria 1897-1936
List of maps List of tables Preface 1. Slavery and the British conquest of Northern Nigeria 2. Fugitive slaves and the crisis in slavery policy 3. The debate on legal-status abolition 4. EmancipationExpand
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Caravans of Kola: The Hausa Kola Trade 1700-1900
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The Volume of the Atlantic Slave Trade: A Synthesis
This article provides a synthesis of the various studies which attempt to quantify the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Since the publication of Philip D. Curtin's pioneering estimates in 1969 ( TheExpand
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Trust, pawnship, and Atlantic history: the institutional foundations of the old Calabar slave trade.
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The African Diaspora: Revisionist Interpretations of Ethnicity, Culture and Religion under Slavery 1
Lovejoy argues that sufficient information exists about individuals taken as captives in the slave trade to allow historians to dispense with a generalized notion of a "traditional" AfricanExpand
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‘Freedom Narratives’ of Transatlantic Slavery
It is argued that what have usually been called ‘slave narratives’ sometimes more accurately describe ‘freedom narratives’, especially when individuals who had regained their freedom wrote orExpand
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