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Transformations in Slavery: A History of Slavery in Africa
This history of African slavery from the fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries examines how indigenous African slavery developed within an international context. Paul E. Lovejoy discusses the
The Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on Africa: A Review of the Literature
  • P. Lovejoy
  • History, Economics
    The Journal of African History
  • 1 November 1989
Recent revisions of estimates for the volume of the trans-Atlantic slave trade suggest that approximately 11,863,000 slaves were exported from Africa during the whole period of the Atlantic slave
Kola in the History of West Africa.
P. E. Lovejoy —La kola dans l'histoire de l'Afrique occidentale. Le commerce de la kola, specialement l'espece Cola nitida, a joue un role considerable dans l'histoire economique de l'Afrique
Slow Death for Slavery: The Course of Abolition in Northern Nigeria 1897-1936
List of maps List of tables Preface 1. Slavery and the British conquest of Northern Nigeria 2. Fugitive slaves and the crisis in slavery policy 3. The debate on legal-status abolition 4. Emancipation
Slow Death for Slavery: The Course of Abolition in Northern Nigeria
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The Ideology of slavery in Africa
In this volume Lovejoy has collected original contributions that discuss the ideology of slavery in several regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Three basic ideologies are considered: one based on Islam,