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Ibāḍī Texts from the 2nd/8th Century
264 (identified in the annotation by ف), written in Arabic characters and containing 18 leaves. The first manuscript provides a progressive explanation of Muʿtazilī theology beginning with the fourExpand
The Sālim Bin Yaʿqūb Ibāḍī Manuscript Library in Jerba, Tunisia: A Preliminary Survey & Inventory
This article offers a summary of a recent project aimed at the conservation and preliminary inventory of the Bin Yaʿqūb (Ben Yaqoub) family library in the village of Guīzin (Guezin) on the island ofExpand
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The Sufris of Sijilmasa: toward a history of the Midrarids
This is a study of the history of the Sufri-Kharijite Midrarid dynasty that ruled the Moroccan city of Sijilmasa from 750–976CE. It first considers the historiographical challenges of studyingExpand
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Ibāḍī Manuscripts at the Bibliothèque nationale de Tunisie: Descriptions, Watermarks, and Implications
This article offers descriptions of a handful of manuscripts by Ibāḍī Muslim authors held in the Bibliotheque nationale de Tunisie (BnT). In addition to the manuscript descriptions, it discusses someExpand
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Provenance in the Aggregate: The Social Life of an Arabic Manuscript Collection in Naples
Abstract:This is a biography of a collection of eleven Arabic manuscripts at the library of the Università degli Studi di Napoli L'Orientale (UNO). These manuscripts do not contain otherwise unknownExpand