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Computational strategies for masonry structures
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Multisurface Interface Model for Analysis of Masonry Structures
The performance of an interface elastoplastic constitutive model for the analysis of unreinforced masonry structures is evaluated. Both masonry components are discretized aiming at a rationalExpand
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Computations on historic masonry structures
Is modelling and analysis of historical masonry structures necessary? Is the experimental behaviour of historical masonry constructions known? The answers seem to be ‘yes’, and substantialExpand
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A novel yield criterion that includes different strengths along each material axis is presented. The criterion includes two different fracture energies in tension and two different fracture energiesExpand
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Experimental characterization of stone masonry in shear and compression
Abstract Shear and compressive mechanical properties are needed for the evaluation of the strength of masonry shear walls by means of simplified methods or numerical analysis. This, in turn, allowsExpand
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Ultrasonic evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties of granites.
Masonry is the oldest building material that survived until today, being used all over the world and being present in the most impressive historical structures as an evidence of spirit of enterpriseExpand
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On the dynamics of rocking motion of single rigid–block structures
This paper describes the behavior of single rigid-block structures under dynamic loading. A comprehensive experimental investigation has been carried out to study the rocking response of four blueExpand
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Guidelines for On-Site Assessment of Historic Timber Structures
In the scope of European Cooperation in Science and Technology–Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage (COST IE0601–WoodCultHer) (available at http://www.woodculther.org) it was agreed toExpand
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A micro-mechanical model for the homogenisation of masonry
Abstract Masonry is a composite material made of units (brick, blocks, etc.) and mortar. For periodic arrangements of the units, the homogenisation techniques represent a powerful tool for structuralExpand
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Shear testing of stack bonded masonry
Abstract Stack bonded masonry is scarcely used in practice, except for aesthetic reasons. Nevertheless, a regular array of units allows placing reinforcement in the joints, which can be of majorExpand
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