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Africa as a knowledge society: A reality check
This paper investigates the question of whether Africa is moving towards a knowledge society. An analysis is made of the current initiatives that are undertaken in Africa to put the continent on theExpand
Burning Libraries for the People: Questions and Challenges for the Library Profession in South Africa
Abstract Since 2005 at least fifteen community and public libraries have been deliberately set alight in South African townships and informal settlements, reportedly by individuals or groups from theExpand
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Kirjastot tarjoavat pääsyn informaatioon, ideoihin ja mielikuvituksen tuotteisiin. Ne toimivat portteina tietoon, ajatuksiin ja kulttuuriin. Kirjastot tukevat olennaisella tavalla yksilöiden jaExpand
Democracy, information, and libraries in a time of post-truth discourse
  • P. Lor
  • Computer Science
  • 21 May 2018
This paper examines the post-truth phenomenon: its manifestations and possible causes, what is being done in response to it, and specifically what libraries can do. Expand
International and Comparative Librarianship
The concepts of international librarianship and comparative librarianship first appeared under their respective titles in the 1950s, when their literatures were overlapping. During the 1960s, andExpand
Preserving African digital resources: is there a role for repository libraries?
We present a literature‐based conceptual analysis of: categories of digital resources produced in developing countries; capacity of African institutions and stakeholders to preserve African digital resources; and issues and challenges to be faced by repository libraries in preserving them. Expand
Is a knowledge society possible without freedom of access to information?
This paper is concerned with freedom and the information and knowledge society. Expand
On considering the application of Amartya Sen's capability approach to an information-based rights framework
We live in an information society, and, resultantly, significant attention is devoted to ensure “information-based rights” are protected among other essential human rights. Expand
A Moral Reflection on the Information Flow From South to North: an African Perspective
In most discussions of the digital divide, the emphasis is on assisting developing nations by facilitating the flow of information resources from the developed countries to the developing – aExpand
A Moral Reflection on the Digitization of Africa's Documentary Heritage
Reflexions portant sur les questions suivantes: combien d'Africains seront-ils capables de profiter de la numerisation de l'heritage africain? Qui selectionne le materiel destine a etre numerise?Expand