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Incidence and main causes of infertility in a resident population (1,850,000) of three French regions (1988-1989).
The prevalence rate of infertility in France was found to be 14.1%, indicating that one woman out of seven in France will consult a doctor for an infertility problem during her reproductive life, and the main causes of female infertility were ovulation disorders and tubal damage. Expand
Aerodiol versus the transdermal route: perspectives for patient preference.
Levels of user preference and satisfaction were higher with Aerodiol, which should contribute towards good long-term compliance with this therapy, and similar efficacy and tolerability to transdermal patch treatments. Expand
Obstetrical prognosis for carbon dioxide laser conisation of the uterine cervix.
Compared with that of 82 pregnancies in 54 operated women before conisation, the rates for complications at the beginning of pregnancy were similar and the percentage of natural term births was significantly reduced, but this difference was no longer apparent after correction for the prevalence of associated obstetrical pathologies and prematurity and/or cesarean factors. Expand
Surgery is not superior to dilation for the management of vaginal agenesis in Mayer‐Rokitansky‐Küster‐Hauser syndrome: a multicenter comparative observational study in 131 patients
Surgery is not superior to therapeutic or intercourse dilation, bears complications, and should therefore be only a second‐line treatment, according to the World Health Organization Quality of Life instrument and the Female Sexual Function Index. Expand
Ovarian cancer and assisted reproductive technology.
  • P. Lopes, A. Mensier
  • Medicine
  • European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and…
  • 29 October 1993
Increased zona-binding ability after incubation of spermatozoa with proteins extracted from spermatozoa of fertile semen.
In the cases in which fertilization in vitro fails because of a lack of sperm-zona binding, incubation of deficient spermatozoa with proteins extracted from spermutozoa of fertile ejaculates should restore their ability to interact with the oocyte and, thus, should enhance the prognosis for in vitro fertilization. Expand
[Circulating anticoagulants and pregnancy: a risky combination].
It has been shown that early treatment directed to lessen the activity of the lupus type factor and forestalling as far as possible placental insufficiency could help, thus enabling some women to have live children who would not otherwise be able to do so. Expand
[Fertilization in vitro with frozen donor sperm after ovocyte stimulation with an LH-RH analog, HMG, and HCG using a short-term protocol].
Frozen cryoprotected donor sperm can be used for IVF if tubal disease is associated with severe male factors and if the women fail to conceive after 12, 18 or 24 AID cycles, depending on their age and the existence of hormonal, cervical, tubal or pelvic associated factors. Expand
[What signs should you look for ultrasound (2D/3D) to affirm the good location of tubal implants? About a retrospective study of 92 cases].
Ulasonography 3D seems to be the method of choice to control implants for simple implementation and good reproducibility, however, the interpretation of 3D ultrasound images is sometimes difficult and the study of the curvature of the implant should be systematically analyzed. Expand