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Molecular cloning and functional characterization of KCC3, a new K-Cl cotransporter.
We isolated and characterized a novel K-Cl cotransporter, KCC3, from human placenta. The deduced protein contains 1,150 amino acids. KCC3 shares 75-76% identity at the amino acid level with human,Expand
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Swelling activation of K-Cl cotransport in LK sheep erythrocytes: a three-state process
K-Cl cotransport in LK sheep erythrocytes is activated by osmotic swelling and inhibited by shrinkage. The mechanism by which changes in cell volume are transduced into changes in transport wasExpand
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Cloning, characterization, and gene organization of K-Cl cotransporter from pig and human kidney and C. elegans.
We isolated and characterized the cDNAs for the human, pig, and Caenorhabditis elegansK-Cl cotransporters. The pig and human homologs are 94% identical and contain 1,085 and 1,086 amino acids,Expand
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Passive potassium transport in LK sheep red cells. Modification by N- ethyl maleimide
Passive K transport, as modified by N-ethyl maleimide (NEM), was studied in erythrocytes of the low-K (LK) phenotype of sheep. Brief (5- min) treatment with NEM at less than 0.5 mM caused inhibitionExpand
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Anion-dependent cation transport in erythrocytes.
A selective survey of the literature reveals at least three major anion-dependent cation transport systems, defined as Na+ + Cl-, K+ + Cl- and Na+ + K+ + Cl- respectively. In human red cells, kineticExpand
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Potassium-chloride cotransport in resealed human red cell ghosts.
Furosemide-inhibitable K influx is threefold higher in resealed ghosts of human erythrocytes than in intact cells. The enhancement is specific for K in that furosemide-inhibitable Na influx is theExpand
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Extracellular Na+ inhibits Na+/H+ exchange: cell shrinkage reduces the inhibition.
Na+/H+ exchangers (NHE) are ubiquitous transporters participating in regulation of cell volume and pH. Cell shrinkage, acidification, and growth factors activate NHE by increasing its sensitivity toExpand
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Molecular cloning and functional characterization of KCC 3 , a new KCl cotransporter
JOANNE E. RACE,1 FADI N. MAKHLOUF,1,2 PAUL J. LOGUE,2 FREDERICK H. WILSON,3 PHILIP B. DUNHAM,2 AND ELI J. HOLTZMAN1,4 1Renal Division, Department of Medicine, and 4Department of Biochemistry andExpand
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Stimulation of the Na/K pump in LK sheep erythrocytes by immunoglobulin fragments.
Alloimmune antiserum against the L antigen of red cells from sheep of the LK phenotype is known to stimulate by several fold active Na/K transport in LK cells. We have shown that monomeric fragments,Expand
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