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Aggregation behavior of the grey reef shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos, at Johnston Atoll, Central Pacific Ocean
Free-ranging female grey reef sharks, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos, were observed forming daily aggregations offshore Sand Island, Johnston Atoll between March and late May from 1992 to 1995. DailyExpand
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Kinetic control of skeletal Sr/Ca in a symbiotic coral: Implications for the paleotemperature proxy
Modeling of past climates is critically dependent on estimates of past sea surface temperatures (SSTs), for which one of the principal techniques used is the measurement of Sr/Ca ratios in coralsExpand
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Phylogeography, morphological variation and taxonomy of the toxic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus (Dinophyceae)
Abstract Gambierdiscus toxicus Adachi et Fukuyo 1979 is a toxin-producing marine dinoflagellate responsible for the syndrome known as ciguatera, which sickens thousands of people every year. DespiteExpand
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Effects of depth, habitat, and water motion on the abundance and distribution of ciguatera dinoflagellates at Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean
A major impediment to understanding the seemingly random occurrence of ciguatera toxicity is uncertainty regarding the field ecology of benthic dinoflagellates that introduce toxins into the coralExpand
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Environmental influences on the diel timing of spawning in coral reef fishes
Multiple hypotheses have been proposed regarding the adaptive nature of different diel reproductive cycles observed in coral reef fishes. This study quantified the spawning patterns of 11 differentExpand
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Differences in pectoral fin spine morphology between vocal and silent clades of catfishes (Order Siluriformes): Ecomorphological implications
Stridulatory sound-producing behavior is widespread across catfish families, but some are silent. To understand why, we compared spine morphology and ecotype of silent and vocal clades. We determinedExpand
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ABSTRACT Synchronous audio-video recordings were made of free-living Dascyllus albisella on coral reefs at Johnston Atoll, Central Pacifc Ocean. Males produced distinct and consistent sounds duringExpand
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Possible species specific courtship sounds by two sympatric cichlid fishes in Lake Malawi, Africa
  • P. Lobel
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  • 1 August 1998
Sounds were produced by the males of two species of cichlid fishes while courting females. Each courtship sound consisted of a series of distinct pulses occurring in rapid succession. CourtshipExpand
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Lack of mitochondrial genetic structure in hamlets (Hypoplectrus spp.): recent speciation or ongoing hybridization?
Species in the genus Hypoplectrus (hamlet fish) have been recognized primarily on the basis of colour morphology, which varies substantially. Limited differentiation in other morphologicalExpand
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The role of herbivorous fishes and urchins in coral reef communities
SynopsisHerbivorous fishes and invertebrates are conspicious elements of coral reef communities where they predominate both in numbers and biomass. Herbivores and the coral reef algae on which theyExpand
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