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Kirschner wire placement in scaphoid bones using fluoroscopic navigation: a cadaver study comparing conventional techniques with navigation
The goal of this study was to compare two pin guide placement techniques in scaphoid fixation: conventional (CF) vs. fluoroscopic navigation (FN).
Fifth metacarpal neck fracture fixation: Locking plate versus K-wire?
"Remotion" total wrist arthroplasty: preliminary results of a prospective international multicenter study of 215 cases.
The results suggest that the use of the "ReMotion" TWA is feasible in the midterm both for rheumatoid and non-RA patients, which is a significant improvement compared with the previous generation TWA.
Fractures and dislocation of the base of the thumb metacarpal
The prognosis depends on the quality of the restoration of the mobility of the trapeziometacarpal joint and the techniques of osteosynthesis are various: locking plates, and direct or indirect screw fixation or pinning.
Current and future imaging of the peripheral nervous system.
The future of robotics in hand surgery.
Canaletto implant in revision surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome: 21 case series
The results show that in recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome, Canaletto implant insertion gives results at least as good as other techniques, with the added advantage of a smaller access incision, a rapid, less invasive technique, and the eliminated morbidity of raising a flap to cover the median nerve.