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Pollen and seed transmission of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in cucumber
It was concluded that CGMMV can be trans-mitted both horizontally via cucumber pollen and vertically, to the next generation, in infected seeds, and the rate of seed transmission was much higher than previous reports. Expand
The possible contribution of the periodic emissions from farmers' activitiesin the North China Plain to atmospheric water-soluble ions in Beijing
Abstract. The North China Plain (NCP), which includes Beijing, is currently suffering from severe haze events due to a high pollution level of PM2.5. To mitigate the serious pollution problem,Expand
Sub-micrometre particulate matter is primarily in liquid form over Amazon rainforest
The physical state of atmospheric particulate matter affects its growth and reactivity, which can affect climate. Measurements of particle rebound reveal that particulate matter over the AmazonExpand
An important missing source of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide: Domestic coal combustion
Carbonyl sulfide (COS), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions generated from prevailing domestic coal stoves fueled with raw bituminous coal were studied under alternation cyclesExpand
Real-time Identification of Rogue WiFi Connections Using Environment-Independent Physical Features
A novel security mechanism to detect and identify rogue WiFi devices or AP using environment-independent characteristics extracted from channel state information (CSI), and refuse their connections and can be calculated in real-time by the receiver and cannot be forged by rogue devices. Expand
Pseudoperonospora cubensis in China: Its sensitivity to and control by oxathiapiprolin.
The novel fungicide oxathiapiprolin has potential for the control of downy mildew of cucumber, which is caused by Pseudoperonospora cubensis. In this study, an in vitro bioassay with detached leavesExpand
Response of fermenting bacterial and methanogenic archaeal communities in paddy soil to progressing rice straw degradation
Abstract Rice straw is one of the major organic materials introduced to rice field soils and its incorporation strongly enhances the emission of CH4. We incubated unamended and straw-amended ItalianExpand
NME7 is a functional component of the γ-tubulin ring complex
The γ-tubulin ring complex (γTuRC) is the primary microtubule nucleator in animal cells. NME7 possesses an intrinsic kinase activity that is involved in the stimulation of the γTuRC.
Arctigenin inhibits triple-negative breast cancers by targeting CIP2A to reactivate protein phosphatase 2A.
We have shown that a novel STAT3 inhibitor arctigenin (Atn) induces significant cytotoxicity in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells. This study further delineated molecular mechanisms where byExpand
Resistance of Pseudoperonospora cubensis to flumorph on cucumber in plastic houses
A high risk for the occurrence of resistance to flumorph in Ps. Expand